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September Market Insight

Welcome to the September (Spring) edition of market insight, where we provide key insights on financial markets and current investment trends. Markets & Economics:

Key Insights

Highlight of the month

Our Senior Financial Adviser – Joshua Fileti was recently invited to speak with Marissa from RiseHigh to discuss the benefits of Debt Recycling. Be sure to check out the video as this can be a useful strategy in helping to reduce debt and grow wealth.

Monthly jargon buster – Accumulation Fund

In an accumulation fund, your money grows or 'accumulates' over time. The value of your accumulation (super) fund depends on the money that you and your employers put in (known as super contributions), and on the investment return generated by the fund.

Smart Money Tip – Make it automatic:

If you lack the discipline to save, find a mobile app that will do it for you. With a reputable mobile app, you can plan your budget and track your spending. You can even schedule the transfer of money from your salary to your savings.

Feel free to touch base should you have any questions or queries. Also, be sure to watch for our next edition of Market Insight.

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